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  • Bojati se Fear
  • Držati Keep, hold
  • Stajati, stojim Stand
  • Zviždati To whistle
  • Doći, dođem To come
  • Otići, odem To go away
  • Biti, budem To be, afteonjugation/imperative
  • Htjeti, hoću To want
  • Neću/ne ću I don't want
  • Kretati, krećem To move
  • Mahati, mašem To wave
  • Ticati, tičem To concern
  • Uzeti, uzmem To take
  • Početi, počnem To begin
  • Odgovoriti (P) odgovarati (I) Answer
  • Uključiti (P) uključivati (i) Include
  • Čekati I dočekati P Wait I meet/greet P
  • Jesti I pojesti P Eat I eat up P
  • Piti I popiti P Drink I drink up P

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