Kapitel 8

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  • Balkanski Balkan
  • Čuti se, čujem se To talk to each other
  • Dalmatinski Damatian
  • Inozemstvo Foreign lands
  • Istarski Istrian
  • Javiti se, javim se + dat To get in touch with (P)
  • Javljati se, javljam se + dat To get in touch with (I)
  • Kosovski Kosovo (adj.)
  • Osim + gen Except
  • Osim toga Besides
  • Povremeno Now and then
  • Preko + gen Across, over, via
  • Razmišljati, razmišljam To consider (I)
  • Rođak Relative
  • Slavonski Slavonian
  • Sreća Happiness, fortune
  • Telefon, telefona Telephone
  • Vojvođanski Vojvodina (adj)

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