Kinesiska ord m. tecken

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  • 舒服, shūfu comfortable
  • 嗓子,săngzi throat
  • 想,xiăng to think, to want
  • 医院,yīyuàn hospital
  • 看病,kànbìng to see a doctor
  • 身体,shēnti(v) body, health
  • 要,yào must, to want
  • 还是,háishi or
  • 当然,dāngrán of course
  • 休息,xiūxi to take a rest
  • 发炎,fāyán to become inflamed
  • 感冒,gănmào to have a cold
  • 住院,zhùyuàn to be in hospital
  • 药,yào medicine
  • 愿意,yuànyì to be willing, to be ready
  • 她今年几岁? Tā jīnnián ji(v) suì? how old is she?
  • 你今年多大? Ni(v) jīnnián duo(-) dà? how old are you this year?
  • 您今年多大岁数? Nín jīnnián duo(-) dà suìshu? (respectful, older than 45+) how old are you this year?

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