Kinesiskaglosor kapitel 13

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  • gūniang girl
  • tīngshuō to be told
  • tīng to listen
  • to have, to get
  • gàosu to tell
  • jiàn piece (measure word)
  • shìr matter, affair, thing
  • sànbù to take a walk, to walk
  • step
  • diànyǐng movie
  • diàn electricity
  • yǐng shadow
  • kāfēi coffee
  • kěshì but
  • sùshè dormitory
  • zhǎo to look for
  • fángzi house
  • to rent
  • tào measure word for houses
  • chúfáng kitchen
  • cèsuǒ toilet
  • fángzū rent
  • gōngsī company
  • bàn to do
  • dǎ diànhuà to make a phone call
  • diànhuà telephone, phone call
  • ràng to let, to allow, to make
  • bāngzhù to help
  • wèi! hello, hey
  • wèi polite measure word for persons
  • jiān measure word for rooms and houses
  • wòshì bedroom
  • kètīng living room
  • jīnglǐ manager
  • kěnéng maybe
  • chīfàn to eat a meal
  • fàn meal
  • děng to wait

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