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  • affluent generously supplied with possessions
  • atrophied wasted, withered, shriveled
  • austere grave, strict, serious
  • demise death or decline
  • feigned not real, pretended
  • furtive secret, sly, shifty
  • garrulous excessively talking in a rambling, roundabout manner
  • guileless sincere, honest, straightforward
  • imminent likely to occur at any moment, impending
  • impassive without emotion, unmoved
  • indignation anger aroused by something unjust, mean, or unworthy
  • morose melancholy, gloomy
  • notoriously known widely and usually unfavorable known
  • nuances subtle differences or distinctions in expressions, meaning, or response
  • quelled pacifed, quieted or suppressed
  • reveries daydreams
  • trepidation a state of alarm or dread, apprehension
  • unabashedly not concealed or disguised, obviously
  • unscrupulous having no consciende or principales, oblivious to what is right or honorable
  • valiant boldly courageous, brave

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