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  • alleviated made easier to endure, lessened
  • ambled moved with a slow, easy walk, strolled
  • anonimity the quality state of being unknown
  • array an impressively large number
  • bludgeoned an indication to perform kind, chariatable acts
  • chasm a pronounced difference off opinion, intrest or loyalty
  • dismay agiatation, alarm
  • divert to distract from serious occupation
  • embodiment to empify in concrete form
  • exasperated made very angry or impatiant
  • facade an artificial or deceptive front
  • grimace a facial expression
  • lucrative profitable, moneymaking
  • negate to make ineffective or invalid
  • periphery the edge or outskirts
  • precipitous extremly steep
  • queue a file or line, especially of people waiting in turn
  • rueful causing sorrow or pain
  • sheen glistening brightness

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