Kite runner 3

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  • Adversary Opponent; enemy
  • Ambivalent Uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow
  • Averting Preventing something from occuring
  • Daunting Discouraging through fear
  • Exuded To project or display; radiate
  • futility characterized by having no usefull result; uselessness
  • Incessant Continuing without interruption; ceaseless; unending
  • insinuation An indirect or covert suggestion or hint especially of a derogatory nature
  • Meticulous Extremely careful and precise; paying grat attention to details
  • Nonchalantly Coolly unconcerned; indifferent; casually
  • Pragmatic Dealing or concerned with facts or occurrences; practical
  • Reticence State of being reluctant or reserved
  • Rotund Round in shape; plump; fat
  • Vigil A watch kept during normal sleeping hours

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