Komparera prov med lucke

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  • vara be was been
  • bli become became become
  • börja begin began begun
  • bita bite bit bitten
  • blåsa blow blew blown
  • slå sönder break broke broken
  • komma med bring brought brought
  • bygga build built built
  • köpa buy bought bought
  • fånga catch caught caught
  • välja choose chose chosen
  • komma come came come
  • klippa cut cut cut
  • gräva dig dug dug
  • göra do did done
  • rita draw drew drawn
  • dricka drink drank drunk
  • köra drive drove driven
  • äta eat ate eaten
  • falla fall fell fallen
  • känna sig feel felt felt
  • slåss fight fought fought
  • hitta find found found
  • flyga fly flew flown
  • glömma forget forgot forgotten
  • get got got
  • ge give gave given
  • go went gone
  • växa growe grew grown
  • ha have had had

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