Koreanska verb v. 1

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  • to eat 먹다
  • to read 읽다
  • many 많다
  • little 적다
  • to be small 작다
  • to have 있다
  • to not have 없다
  • to go 가다
  • to come 오다
  • to be big 크다
  • to be pretty 예쁘다
  • to exercise 운동하다
  • to be kind 친절하다
  • to wash 씻다
  • to laugh 웃다
  • to be cold 춥다
  • to be hot 덥다
  • delicious 맛있다
  • to be funny 재미있다
  • to buy 사다
  • to sleep 자다
  • to be cheap 싸다
  • to be expensive 비싸다
  • to sing 노래하다
  • to cook 요리하다
  • to learn 배우다
  • to teach 가르치다

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