Koreanska verb

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  • 만들다 to make
  • 찾다 to look for
  • 길다 to be tall
  • 전화하다 to call
  • 걷다 to walk
  • 물어보다 to ask a question
  • 데우다 to heat
  • 단단하다 to be solid
  • 똑똑하다 to be smart
  • 가깝다 to be close
  • 멀다 to be far
  • 끝나디 to end
  • 내려가다 to go down
  • 올라가다 to go up
  • 빠르다 to be fast
  • 다르다 to be different
  • 같다 to be alike
  • 구경하다 to visit
  • 춤을 추다 to dance
  • 입다 to wear/to put on
  • 깨끗하다 to be clean
  • 빨래하다 to wash clothes
  • 청소하다 to clean
  • 담배를 피우다 to smoke
  • 넓다 to be wide/spacious
  • 더럽다 to be messy
  • 바쁘다 to be busy

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