latin declensions

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  • ending first declension ae
  • ending second declension i
  • ending third declension is
  • ending fourth declension us
  • ending fifth declension ei
  • first declension f a ae ae arum
  • second declension m us i i orum
  • second declension n um i a orum
  • third declension consonant group mf is es um
  • third declension consonant group n is a um
  • third declension vowel group mf is es ium
  • third declension vowel group n is ia ium
  • third declension mixed group mf is es ium
  • third declension mixed group n is a ium
  • fourth declension m us us us uum
  • fourth declension n u us ua uum
  • fifth declension f es ei es erum

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