latin, eng lövträd/busk.

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  • pinus sylvestris scots pine
  • pinus spp pines
  • larix spp larches
  • picea abies norway spruce
  • picea spp spruces
  • abies spp true firs
  • pseudotsuga menziesii douglas fir
  • thuja spp cedars
  • juniperus communis common juniper
  • taxus baccata yew
  • populus tremula aspen
  • salix pentandra bay willow
  • salix caprea goat willow
  • salix spp osiers
  • myrica gale bog myrtle
  • carpinus betulus hornbeam
  • corylus avellana hazel
  • betula pendula silver birch
  • betula pubescens downy birch
  • betula nana dwarf birch
  • alnus incana grey alder
  • alnus glutinosa black alder
  • fagus sylvatica european beech
  • quercus robur pedunculate oak
  • ulmus glabra wych elm
  • ribes alpinum mountain currant
  • ribes nigrum black currant
  • ribes uva-crispa gooseberry
  • malus spp apples
  • sorbus intermedia swedish whitebeam
  • sorbus aucuparia rowan
  • crataegus spp hawthorns
  • prunus spinosa blackthorn
  • prunus avium wild cherry
  • prunus padus bird cherry
  • rubus idaeus raspberry
  • rubus fruticosus blackberry
  • rosa spp roses
  • acer platanoides norway maple
  • acer pseudoplatanus sycamore maple
  • aesculus hippocastanum horse-chestnut
  • frangula alnus alder buchthorn
  • tilia cordata small-leaved lime
  • tilia x vulgaris lime
  • syringa vulgaris lilac
  • daphne mezereum mezereon
  • fraxinus exelsior european ash
  • sambucus racemosa red-berried elder
  • viburnum opulus guelder-rose
  • lonicera xylosteum honeysuckle

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