Latin week 2

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  • artery arteria, ae f
  • bursa bursa, ae f
  • clavicle clavicula, ae f
  • pit fovea, ae f
  • membrane membrana, ae f
  • suture sutura, ae f
  • tunic tunica, ae f
  • vagina vagina, ae f
  • forearm antebrachium, i n
  • carpus carpus, i m
  • skull cranium, i n
  • finger digitus, i m
  • humerus humerus, i m
  • node ganglion, i n
  • ligament ligamentum, i n
  • lobe lobus, i m
  • metacarpus metacarpus, i m
  • nerve nervus, i m
  • nucleus nucleus, i m
  • eye oculus, i m
  • esophagus oesophagus, i m
  • organ organum, i n
  • branch ramus, i m
  • dividing wall septum, i n
  • breast-bone sternum, i n
  • ventricle ventriculus, i m
  • arch arcus, us m
  • horn cornu, us n
  • duct ductus, us m
  • knee genu, us n
  • hole, opening hiatus, us m
  • hand manus, us f
  • passage, foramen, duct meatus, us m
  • plexus, network plexus, us m
  • process processus, us m
  • sinus sinus, us m
  • face, surface facies, ei f
  • surface superficies, ei f
  • node (n) nodus, i m

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