Latvian Regular verbs 2nd conjugation

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  • dzīvot to live
  • slimot to be ill
  • ceļot to travel
  • lidot to fly
  • vingrot to to gymnastics
  • sportot to train
  • jokot to joke
  • melot to lie
  • sekot to follow
  • runāt to talk
  • strādāt to work
  • domāt to think
  • jautāt to ask
  • studēt to study
  • spēlēt to play
  • smēķēt to smoke
  • meklēt to search
  • dziedēt to heal
  • apciemot to visit
  • elpot to breathe
  • gatavot to cook
  • izmeklēt to examine
  • irēt to rent
  • klepot to cough
  • lietot to use
  • operēt to operate
  • staigāt to walk

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