Lesson 12

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  • interest xìngqù
  • be interested in gǎn xìngqù
  • but, yet, however kěshì
  • same, identical yíyàng
  • or háishi
  • sports, athletics, exercise yùndòng
  • body, health shēntǐ
  • hobby àihào
  • right, exactly méi cuòr
  • most, least, best, to the highest or lowest grade zuì
  • term, semester xuéqī
  • course
  • regarding, concerning duì
  • select, choose xuǎn
  • next xià
  • run, jog pǎo bù
  • kick, play football
  • football, soccer zúqiú
  • play a game
  • basketball lánqiú
  • ride an animal or bike
  • bike, bicycle zìxíngchē
  • enter ones name, sign up bào míng
  • black tea hóngchá
  • green tea lǚchá

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