Lesson 13

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  • convenient fāngbiàn
  • expensive guì
  • every, each měi
  • final, last zuìhòu
  • again yòu
  • be satisfied, be pleased mǎnyì
  • already yǐjīng
  • not bad, pretty good búcuò
  • from, away from
  • far, faraway yuǎn
  • walk way, go way, walk road zǒu lù
  • be all right, will do xíng
  • not yet méiyǒu
  • yesterday zuótiān
  • treat sb (to a dinner, performance, etc.) entertain guests qǐng kè
  • pronomen used to inquire about nature, condition, cause, etc. zěnme
  • come lái
  • play, have fun wánr
  • rent, hire
  • house, building fángzi
  • preceding, previous shàng
  • that
  • side, beside pángbiān
  • big, large
  • rent, charge for renting house fángzū
  • move (house) bān jiā
  • parents fùmǔ

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