Lesson 14

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  • this year jīnnián
  • especially, particulary tèbié
  • see a doctor, consult a doctor kàn bìng
  • so, such zhème
  • fall ill, be ill, be sick shēng bìng
  • weather tiānqì
  • but, however dànshì
  • have time off, be free yǒu kòngr
  • winter dōngtiān
  • cold lěng
  • catch a cold gǎnmào
  • wear, put on chuān
  • thick hòu
  • clothing yīfu
  • shopping mall shāngchǎng
  • really, truly zhēn
  • sweater máoyī
  • hospital yīyuàn
  • as soon as, right after jiù
  • medicine yào
  • new xīn
  • get well, be recovered hǎo
  • fast, quick kuài
  • fruit shuǐguǒ
  • still, yet hái
  • run pǎo
  • capable, competent xíng

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