Lesson 15

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  • have a temporary job dǎ gōng
  • earn money, make money zhèng qián
  • tell, let know gàosu
  • want, wish yào
  • be acquainted with, have knowledge of huì
  • proper, suitable héshì
  • can, may kěyǐ
  • each other, mutually hùxiāng
  • can, be able to n néng
  • college, university dàxué
  • or huòzhě
  • help, do a favour, give a hand bāng máng
  • have a holiday or vacation fàng jià
  • travel, tour lǚyóu
  • can, be able to huì
  • vacation, holiday jiàqī
  • return, go back huí
  • drive vehicle kāi chē
  • keep sb company péi
  • help bāng
  • comparatively, relatively bǐjiào
  • thank, be grateful gǎnxiè
  • act as, work as, serve as dāng
  • coach, tutor, guide fǔdǎo
  • office bàngōngshì

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