Lesson 16

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  • marry, get married jié hūn
  • give, offer sòng
  • set, copy fèn
  • few, little shǎo
  • should, ought to yīnggāi
  • hope, wish xīwàng
  • take part in, attend cānjiā
  • wedding ceremony hūnlǐ
  • important zhòngyào
  • thing, affair, matter shìqing
  • special, particular tèshū
  • at that time, then dào shíhou
  • take a photograph, take a picture zhào xiàng
  • photograph, picture zhàopiàn
  • interesting yǒu yìsi
  • surely, certainly yídìng
  • relative, kinsfolk qīnqi
  • troublesome, inconvenient máfan
  • give gěi
  • simple, uncomplicated jiǎndān
  • method, means, way bànfǎ
  • holiday, festival, red-letter day jiérì
  • spend(time), pass(time) guò
  • take, bring, carry dài
  • bundle, bunch shù
  • tasty, delicious hǎochī
  • wine, liquor, spirits jiǔ
  • certainly, of course dāngrán

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