Lesson 17

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  • be a guest zuò kè
  • husband or wife àiren
  • teach jiāo
  • wrap bāo
  • chinese dumpling jiǎozi
  • wine pútaojiǔ
  • beer píjiǔ
  • indicating that sth has taken place later than is expected cái
  • bustling with excitement, lively rènao
  • bottle píng
  • recently, lately zuìjìn
  • speak, talk, say shuō huà
  • first dìyī
  • used before integers to indicate order
  • time, occasion
  • difficult, hard nán
  • learn, study xué
  • progress, advance, improve, improvement jìnbù
  • hard working nǔlì
  • pronunciation fāyīn
  • speaking, spoken language kǒuyǔ
  • listening, listening comprehension tīnglì
  • write xiě
  • tone shēngdiào
  • always zǒngshì
  • how zěnme
  • do, handle bàn
  • dont bié
  • worried, anxious zháojí
  • more, even more gèng
  • chinese character hànzì

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