Lesson 18

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  • at least zuì shǎo
  • hour xiǎoshí
  • internet wǎng
  • not often bù cháng
  • often cháng
  • (used after a noun) on, in, at shang
  • news xīnwén
  • in addition, moreover lìngwài
  • check, examine chá
  • mail yóujiàn
  • chat liáo
  • long cháng
  • already dōu
  • continuously, always yìzhí
  • forget wàng
  • how long duō cháng shíjiān
  • used in questions to indicate degree or extent duō
  • mailbox, postbox yóuxiāng
  • send(out)
  • website wǎngzhàn
  • a moment, a little while yíhuìr
  • used to introduce the recipient of an action gěi
  • hurriedly, in a rush jíjímángmáng
  • in a hurry jímáng
  • hand in, hand over jiāo
  • telephone diànhuà
  • fee, charge, expense fèi
  • line up, queue up pái duì
  • why wèi shénme
  • open an account kāi zhànghù
  • account zhànghù
  • card
  • only, just zhǐ
  • minute fēnzhōng
  • must, have to děi
  • try shì

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