Lesson 19

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  • heating, central heating nuǎnqì
  • go bad, break down huài
  • cotton-padded clothes miányī
  • put on, wear dài
  • gloves shǒutào
  • hat, cap màozi
  • later, afterwards hòulái
  • have to, have no choice but zhǐhǎo
  • switch on, turn on dǎkāi
  • air conditioner kōngtiáo
  • house owner fángdōng
  • phone, call, telephone
  • repair, mend, fix xiū
  • wait děng
  • catch sight of, see kànjiàn
  • Mr, sir xiānsheng
  • day tiān
  • pass by, go away guòqu
  • sorry, apologetic bǎozhèng
  • pledge, guarantee bǎozhèng
  • before yǐqián
  • need yào
  • Christmas day Shèngdàn Jié
  • finish, be over wán
  • return, give back huán
  • think, consider rènwéi
  • easy róngyì
  • read
  • content nèiróng
  • so, such, like this, this way zhèyàng
  • (denoting an action from beginning to end) time biàn
  • the day after tomorrow hòutiān

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