Lesson 20

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  • often, frequently jīngcháng
  • some, a number of yìxiē
  • fast food restaurant, snack bar kuàicāndiàn
  • fast food, snack kuàicān
  • shope, store diàn
  • sell mài
  • take away, take-out wàimài
  • well-known, famous yǒumíng
  • foreign country wàiguó
  • sit, take a seat zuò
  • hot
  • comfortable shūfu
  • waiter, waitress fúwùyuán
  • welcome huānyíng
  • be present guānglín
  • out there, outside wàibian
  • full, filled, packed mǎn
  • pizza bǐsàbǐng
  • other, else bié de
  • (used as a substitute for more specific verb) want lái
  • noodles miàntiáo
  • cola, coke kělè
  • leave, go away zǒu
  • good, ok hǎo de
  • Italy Yìdàlì
  • late wǎn
  • become, turn into chéng
  • devotee, fan, enthusiast
  • so, like that nàme
  • practice, train, drill liànxí
  • match, contest, race bǐsài
  • programme, item (on a programme) jiémù
  • radio, radio set shōuyīnjī
  • idea, plan zhǔyi

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