Lesson 3; Verb, adjektiv, adverb, uttryck

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  • iku to go
  • kaeru to go back; to return
  • kiku to listen; to hear
  • nomu to drink
  • hanasu to speak; to talk
  • yomu to read
  • taberu to eat
  • okiru to get up
  • neru to sleep
  • miru to see; to look at
  • kuru to come
  • suru to do
  • benkyousuru to study
  • ii good
  • hayai early
  • amari not much (+ negative)
  • zenzen not at all (+ negative)
  • taitei usually
  • chotto a little
  • tokidoki sometimes
  • yoku often
  • soodesune that's right; let me see
  • demo but
  • doodesuka how about...?; how is...?

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