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  • disenfranchisement deprive somebody of his/her rights
  • immense very big
  • a penchant for have a special liking for
  • ubiquitous very common
  • ephemeral something that does not last very long
  • discernible perceptible
  • acknowledge recognize
  • preponderance predominance
  • obfuscation make something less clear
  • by dint of by means of
  • derisive mocking
  • patronising showing that you are better or more intelligent
  • obnoxious extremely unpleasant
  • inchoate something that is not developed
  • promulgate spread an idea or belief
  • consummate perfect
  • irrespective of regardless of
  • flabby loose, soft
  • self-esteem a feeling of being happy with yourself
  • liberate release, set free
  • vicious violent and cruel
  • tangible something that can be clearly seen
  • ostracise freeze out
  • debilitate make somebody or something weaker
  • demeaning humiliating
  • life-enhancing something that enriches one's life
  • life-affirming something that makes you feel positive about life

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