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  • I put the ( bestämd artikel) book on the table.
  • He is the king of (av) Sweden.
  • I like cats and (och) dogs.
  • This is a (en) good book.
  • I am going to (till) school.
  • I live in (i) Sweden.
  • She is (är) happy.
  • Do you (du) like ice cream?
  • Do you see that (den där) car over there?
  • This is my bag. It (den) is heavy.
  • Tim is my brother. He (han) is older than me.
  • It was (var) a big mistake.
  • I have a present for (till) you.
  • I will see you on (på) Monday.
  • We are (är) good friends.
  • I am as (lika) old as you.
  • Do you want to come with (med) me?
  • I know his (hans) sister.
  • Do they (de) speak English?
  • You and I (jag) can do this together.
  • I will see you at (i) school.
  • Do you want to be (vara) my friend?
  • I really like this (den här) book.
  • We have (har) a lot to talk about.
  • I am from (från) Sweden.

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