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  • brólis brother
  • dede uncle
  • dukte daughter
  • gimine family
  • mama mother (informal)
  • martí daughter in law
  • močiutė grandmother
  • motina mother (formal)
  • nuotrauka photo
  • panelė miss/young unmarried lady
  • pavardė surname/family name
  • ponas, ponia mister/mrs
  • púsbrolis cousin (male)
  • púse half/side
  • pússeserė cousin (female)
  • senelis, senele old man/old woman/grandfather
  • sunús son
  • šventė celebration/festival
  • tetá aunt
  • tėvas father (formal)
  • tėtis dad (informal)
  • viršus top
  • žéntas son in law
  • žmona wife
  • ištekejusi married female
  • netekejusi unmarried female
  • vedęs married man
  • jo his
  • jos her

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