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  • people, family members kǒu
  • books, films, machines, vehicles (ex cellphone)
  • unit for money kuài
  • certain machinery, ex computer tái
  • kind, sort, type zhǒng
  • half a kilo jīn
  • 1/10 yuan máo
  • books, dictionaries, magazines běn
  • cell phone, park mm
  • cup, glas bēi
  • milk dài
  • bottle píng
  • long, slender and inflexible objects zhī
  • hours, o'clock diǎn
  • quarter of an hour
  • families or buisness establishments (ex bank, company) jiā
  • fields of study (ex course) or technical training mén
  • deferential reference to people wèi
  • (used for books, rooms, furniture, etc.) set, suit, suite tào
  • a round trip, etc tàng
  • piece jiàn
  • used for vehicles liàng

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