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  • さぷらいず わ できますか Sapuraizu wa dekimasuka can u make a surprise?(for birthday ect)
  • も いちど いいですか mo ichido iidesuka can you say that again?
  • ゆっくり、 いいですか yukkuri, iidesuka could you speak more slowly?
  • べつ べつ に、 できますか betsu betsu ni, dekimasuka can we pay separately?
  • いただきますitadakimasu thank you for the food, let's eat (clap your hands together and say)
  • ごちそうさまでしたGochisousamadeshita I loved this food, thank you for the food
  • ごちそうさまです gochisousamadesu thank you for the food
  • おいしいoishii tasty
  • のみほだい nomihodai all you can drink
  • たべほだい tabehodai all you can eat

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