Ord ur Koranen #43

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  • لَا تَيَمَّمُوْا Seek not
  • خَبِيْث Bad
  • لَسْتُمْ You are not
  • تُغْمِضُوْا Close your eyes
  • حَمِيْدٌ Praiseworthy
  • فَقْرٌ Poverty
  • يُوْتِيْ Gives
  • حِكْمَةٌ Wisdom
  • يَذَّكَّرُ Receives admonition
  • نَفَقَةٌَ Spending
  • نَذَرْتُمْ You vow
  • تُبْدُوْا You disclose
  • نِعِمَّا Excellently
  • يُوَفَّ Repaid fully
  • أُحْصِرُوْا Are wrapped up
  • ضَرْبًا Move about
  • يَحْسَبُ Thinking
  • تَعَفُّفْ Restraint
  • سِيْمَا Mark
  • إِلْحَافًا Importunity
  • عَلَانِيَةٌ Openly

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