Pragmatics, discourse analysis

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  • Deixis A reference by means of an expression, the interpretation of which is relative to the (usually) extralinguistic context of the utterance
  • Anaphora Referring back to a referent
  • Cataphora Referring forward to a referent
  • Presupposition Background belief
  • Face A person’s public self image
  • Negative face The need to be independent, free from imposition
  • Positive face The need to be connected, to belong, to be a member of the group
  • Face-threatening acts Saying something that presents a threat to someone’s face
  • Face-saving acts Saying something that reduces a possible threat to someone’s face
  • Speech act An action that involves language: Requesting, commanding, questioning, informing, promising
  • Direct speech act An action in which the form used directly matches the function
  • Indirect speech act An action in which the form used does not directly match the function

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