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  • Don't accuse me of that!
  • I apologize for making the train go so fast.
  • Do you approve of the idea that you become my slave?
  • Kermit the Frog was charged with first degree greenness in the muppet courtroom.
  • I'd like to complain about being too handsome.
  • Let's congratulate Tomas Tranströmer on receiving the nobel prize.
  • You can't count on me always cleaning your room.
  • How do I convince her of the fact that her Rolls-Royce should belong to me?
  • I feel like having a burger.
  • That fool insisted on me smelling his underwear.
  • Gandhi prevented his followers from using any kind of violence.
  • When times get rough, who do you rely on ?
  • That guy in the pink sweater reminds me of Barbapapa.
  • Congratulations, you succeded in jumping 2 milimeters. You are now qualifuied for the world long jump championships for worms.
  • The teacher was suspected of being a robot.
  • Let's talk about getting home.
  • Didn't your mother warn you against eating your own legs?
  • I'm looking forward to hitting the sack.
  • Are you used to having an elephant in your kitchen?
  • I object to this. It's not fair that I should have to eat footballs every day.
  • Are you afraid of being embarrassed?
  • What can I do besides cleaning the garden?
  • After getting the job done, the teacher enjoyed some well deserved rest.

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