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  • Speaks Kalba
  • Sunday sekmadienies
  • wall siena
  • nation tauta
  • foreign country uzsienis
  • irish man airis
  • american man amerikietis
  • english man anglas
  • arabic man arabas
  • british person britas
  • european man europietis
  • spanish man ispanas
  • izraelic man izraelietis
  • chinese man kinas
  • korean man korejietis
  • latvian man latvis
  • polish man lenkas
  • lebanese man libanietis
  • lithuanian man lietuvis
  • russian man rusas
  • swedish man svedas
  • write rasyti
  • write down parasyti
  • study studijuoti
  • not so bad neblogai
  • now dabar

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