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  • quote well-known saying
  • sonnet a poem consisting of 14 lines
  • playwright a writer of plays
  • commercial business
  • the Spanish Armada a collection of ships sent by Spain in 1588 against England
  • established firmly settled
  • the Black Death pesten typ
  • boom grow very rapidly
  • merchant business, commercial
  • environment surroundings
  • patronage support
  • esteem favour
  • wealthy rich, well-to-do
  • posthumous happening after a person has died
  • dedication honour
  • source origin
  • derive obtain from
  • self-doubt being unsure of yourself
  • hypocrisy the act of pretending to be something one is not
  • strike a chord remind someone of something very similar
  • significant more important
  • octagonal having eight sides
  • amphitheatre a large roofless building with seats in a circle
  • thatch roof covering of straw
  • tenement building for poor people to live in
  • replica reproduction
  • identifiable connected with
  • icon symbol

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