Sid 13 session 3

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  • I´m sure they must be familiar with our products as they´re used all over the world.
  • If you pay within seven days you will be eligible for a discount.
  • I will be available for interview at any time
  • The other salespeople were all envious of her success and so they were pleasedwhen she left.
  • Contrary to expectations, our sales figures went down last month.
  • Our new range of toys has proved very popular with children who have watched the television programme.
  • Any decisions made must be consistent with the company´s overall marketing strategy.
  • The computer technician is responsible for checking every computer at least oce a week.
  • I´m not aware of any regulations that should prevent us from exporting to those countries.
  • We need somebody who is capable of understanding german
  • That´s an ineresting point, but it isn´t really relevant to our discussion.
  • It took me some time to become accustomed to using the new system.
  • They will only sign if the terms are fullt acceptable to them.
  • It´s risky to be dependent on only one supplier.
  • He was so proud of his firm´s achievements that he talked about them to everyone he met.
  • This company is well-known for the high quality of its products.

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