Spanska glosor v.35/36

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  • poder to be able to; can
  • este this
  • ese that
  • ver to see
  • sin without
  • vez time
  • saber to know
  • ni neither
  • desde from, since
  • querer to want, love
  • mismo same
  • alguno some, someone
  • sobre on top of, over
  • pasar to pass, spend
  • deber should
  • entonces so, then
  • poner to put
  • cosa thing
  • tanto so much
  • parecer to seem, look like
  • tan such, as, too, so
  • después after
  • vida life
  • quedar to remain
  • creer to believe
  • llevar to take, carry
  • dejar to let, leave
  • cada each, every
  • seguir to follow, keep up

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