suffixes and their meanings

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  • -aemia blood
  • -algia pain
  • -ectasia extension
  • -ectomia excision
  • -genesis generation, formation
  • -gramma record, graphic image, picture
  • -graphia registration, X-ray examination
  • -itis inflammation
  • -lithiasis stone disease
  • -logia science, study
  • -lysis destruction
  • -malacia softening
  • -megalia enlargement
  • -necrosis death of cellular material
  • -odynia pain
  • -oma growth
  • -pathia morbide state disease
  • -penia deficiency
  • -pexia fixation
  • -phobia pathologic fear
  • -plegia paralysis
  • -ptosis prolapse
  • -rrhagia bleeding
  • -rrhaphia suturing
  • -rrhexis rupture
  • -rrhoea discharge of any fluid
  • -sclerosis hardening
  • -scopia instrumental examination, scopy
  • -stenosis contraction, narrowing
  • -stomia making an opening
  • -therapia treatment
  • -tomia incision, dissection

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