Superficial anatomy

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  • Cephalon (cephalic) Head
  • Cranium (cranial) Skull
  • Facies (facial) Face
  • Frons (frontal) Forehead
  • Nasus (nasal) Nose
  • Oculus (orbital or ocular) Eye
  • Auris (otic) Ear
  • Bucca (buccal) Cheek
  • Oris (oral) Mouth
  • Mentis (mental) Chin
  • Cervicis (cervical) Neck
  • Thoracis or thorax (thoracic) Chest
  • Mamma (mammary) Breast
  • Axilla (axillary) Armpit
  • Brachium (brachial) Arm
  • Antecubitis (antecubital) Front of elbow
  • Antebrachium (antebrachial) Forearm
  • Carpus (carpal) Wrist
  • Palma (palmar) Palm
  • Pollex Thump
  • Digits (digital) Fingers or toes
  • Manus (manual) Hand
  • Abdomen (abdominal) Midsection
  • Umbilicus (umbilical) Navel
  • Pelvis (pelvic) Hip
  • Thoracis, Mamma, Abdomen, Umbilicus, Pelvis Trunk
  • Cranium, Facies Cephalon
  • Inguen (inguinal) Groin
  • Pubis (pubic) Pubic bone
  • Femur (femoral) Thigh
  • Patella (patellar) Kneecap
  • Crus (crural) Leg
  • Tarsus (tarsal) Ankle
  • Hallux Great toe
  • Pes (pedal) Foot
  • Dorsum (dorsal) Back
  • Olecranon (olecranal) Back of elbow
  • Lumbus (lumbar) Loin
  • Gluteus (gluteal) Buttock
  • Popliteus (popliteal) Back of knee
  • Sura (sural) Calf
  • Calcaneus (calcaneal) Heel of foot
  • Planta (plantar) Sole of foot

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