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  • 'normal', accepted by most people mainstream
  • main attraction/part centerpiece
  • loud and unpleasant raucous
  • certainty, confidence certitude
  • labyrinth maze
  • cruel, without regard for others ruthless
  • (informal) prevent, stop stymie
  • type of factory mill
  • strong reaction to a change backlash
  • put into the same group lump together
  • look at survey
  • massacre, destruction carnage
  • (informal) untidy, unorganized ragtag
  • person who intentionally stops or slows an official process obstructionist
  • directly squarely
  • rescue, being saved salvation
  • held/kept down (by a higher power) oppressed
  • investigation, investigate survey
  • almost virtually
  • sort, interesting quote sound bite
  • delay stall
  • reduction in (economic) activity downturn
  • reopening, restart revival
  • simple food made from grain and water or milk gruel
  • become a member of a trade union unionize
  • farmer who rents land and gives part of his or her crop as rent sharecropper
  • fixed, a set part embedded
  • using machines instead of doing things by hand mechanization
  • bit, small piece shred
  • take on, accept assume
  • close and mutually beneficial symbiotic
  • a continual process of good actions producing good results virtuous circle
  • possibility prospect
  • firmly joined together interlocking

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