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  • to groan seufzen. stöhnen
  • to be generous großzügig sein
  • to brace oneself sich zusammenraffen, to get ready (for sth unpleasant)
  • to indulge sb jdn verhätscheln, to allow sb to enjoy sth
  • to facilitate erleichtern, to make sth possible
  • to deprive sb of sth jdn etw vorenthalten, prevent sb from having or enjoying sth
  • aberrant irrtümlich, abweichend, not what you usually expect, unacceptable
  • blanketing malaise Unwohlsein, vague feeling of being ill
  • derivative abgeleitet, made or formed from sth else without critical reflection
  • to be disabled behindert sein
  • to murmur murmeln
  • dense dicht
  • to discover entdecken
  • dull-eyed gelangweilt
  • underwhelmed unbeeindruckt
  • to stare anstarren
  • crisp frisch, klar, knusprig
  • to be betrayed betrügen, verraten zu werden
  • innocent unschuldig
  • guilty schuldig
  • to launch starten, gründen
  • available erhältlich
  • print media Druckmedien
  • broadsheet Qualitätszeitung
  • tabloids, yellow press Klatschpresse, skandaltidning
  • to pronounce ankündigen, verkünden (a death)
  • invention Erfindung
  • news source Quelle
  • landscape Landschaft
  • to participate teilnehmen
  • to infringe verletzen, verstoßen
  • electorate Wählerschaft
  • controversy Auseinandersetzung
  • advertising Werbung
  • to endorse befürwortigen, bestätigen
  • infotisement articles that seem to provide readers with news of information but that are really trying to sell a product or brand related to the story
  • advertainment combines advertising with entertainment and includes product placement in films and specially develpoed short films by film directors around a product
  • to respond antworten

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