The tell-tale heart

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  • Vulture Large bird that eats the bodies of dead animals (Gam)
  • Film A very thin layer of something that forms a surface (Hinna)
  • Rid yourself of to remove something/someone that you find annoying/ unpleasant (Befria er från)
  • Fancy To believe or imagine something is true (Inbillning)
  • Hinge The part of a door/ window that fastens to a wall and allows it to open/ close (Gångjärn)
  • Vex to make someone annoyed, confused, worried (Irritera)
  • Hearty Friendly and enthusiastic (Hjärtlig)
  • Profound showing serious thought ans wise ideas (Djupgående)
  • Chuckle To laugh quietly, especially in a private room or secret way (Dämpat skratt)
  • Startled suddenly frightened or surprised by something (Uppskrämd)
  • Draw back To move away from something (Dra sig tillbaka)
  • Death watch A beetle that lives in wood, such as the frames of old buildings, makes a tapping sound (Dödsvaka)
  • Awe a feeling of great respekt and admiration, often combined with fear (Fruktan)
  • Well up When feelings gets stronger (Välla fram)
  • Bosom The imaginary place where you feel deep emotions (Bröst)
  • Cricket A small brown insect that moves by jumping and makes a loud noise by rubbing its front wings together (Syrsa)
  • In vain Without success (Förgäves)
  • Crevice A narrow crack in rock or in a wall (Spricka)
  • Veil A thing that hides/ obscures something (täckmantel)
  • Refrain To stop yourself from doing something (Avstå)
  • Tattoo A signal that tells soldiers to return to their buildings at night, plated on a drum/ bugle (Trummande)
  • Shriek To shout in a loud high voice because you are frightened, excited, or surprised (Tjuta/skrika)
  • Wane To come to an end, to become weaker (Avta)
  • Scantlings Beams of wood found under floorboards in old houses (Balkar under golv)
  • Suavity/ Suave Confidence and politeness (Vänlig)
  • Bade/ Bid To say "hello"/ "Goodbye" to someone (Försök)
  • Vehemently With extremely strong feelings or beliefs (Häftiga/ starka)
  • Gesticulations movement with your hands and arms when you are talking, usually because you want to emphasize what you are saying or because you are excited (Gester)
  • Foam To show your anger (Visa sitt vrede)
  • Rave To talk in a angry and uncontrolled way (yra)
  • Make a mockery To make someone or something seem stupid or useless (Klanka ner på något)
  • Derision The opinion that someone or something is stupid, unimportant or useless (Åtlöje)
  • Dissemble To hide your real thoughts, feelings, intentions (Dölja)

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