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  • study learn
  • college university
  • journalist reporter
  • visitor guest
  • impression idea
  • give up abandon, stop
  • chance opportunity
  • explain clarify, make clear
  • mean want to say
  • smile grin
  • kind sort, type
  • exercise keep fit
  • keep not stop
  • fat overweight
  • agree with have the same opinion
  • either...or one or the other
  • cut down reduce
  • gloomy sad
  • certainly really
  • huge very big
  • stand-in substitute
  • dream hope
  • rich wealthy
  • ahead of in front of
  • hairstyle haircut
  • old-fashioned out of date
  • surprise amaze
  • activity thing to do
  • great fantastic
  • dislike hate
  • for a while for a short time
  • all the time always

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