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  • What is the name of the person who wrongfully called the people living in the newly discovered American continent for “indians”? christoffer columbus
  • Name at least two different Native American tribes (minimum 1 max 3) sioux cherokee navajo?
  • Name at least one major reason why Native Americans started to lose the wars against the Europeans: they have better technology
  • How is it that there are black people in the Americas? Explain with your own words: they buy African people as slaves.
  • Name at least one important afro American person and why they were important (minimum 1 max 3): malcolm x, fought for black people's rights. Martin Luther king: “I have a dream” He was against racism and also leader of the human rights movement. Barack Obama: The president between the years 2009-2017.
  • Explain why the Black Lives Matter protests occurred and what were they protesting? they protested for the rights of black people and against racism. and also against police violence against black people
  • If you go to “gymnasiet” in Sweden, what would it be called in the USA? high school
  • Name at least two challenges (utmaningar/problem) which schools have in the USA: school shootings unhealthy, bad school food cost a lot of money to get a good education
  • Name three things which are different between the school system in the USA and Sweden: they have a different grading system. they have to pay to go to school. private schools have classes on the weekends.
  • Who was the first president of the USA: george washington
  • Name at least one (maximum 2) presidents in the US who was republican and one which was a democrat. (OBS Biden, Trump and Obama are not accepted as answers). Write their name and what party they belonged to. abraham lincoln = republican party george w bush republican andrew Jackson = democratic john f kennedy = democratic
  • Name 2 political topics which the democrats/republicans stand for and name 1 thing the parties are against Democrats : +Abortion +LGBTQ -Army Republicans +strong army +low taxes -LGBTQ
  • In the USA they vote for a president, but it is different in Sweden because we do not have a president. What do we have in Sweden? prime minister
  • In Sweden when we vote for a political party, 1 person’s vote goes directly to that party, but in the USA when they vote for a president, 1 vote does NOT go directly to that president candidate. Who gets the vote/where does that vote go to? the votes go to an elector. the elector then votes for a president candidate
  • In Sweden we vote for people on three different different levels: kommunen, landstinget and riksdagen. In the USA they also vote for three different things, what are they president, congress and the supreme court
  • What party does/did Joe Biden and Donald Trump represent? joe biden democrats trump republicans
  • What important event happened in Washington DC on 2021-01-06? demonstrates got into the congress building and around five people died during this situation
  • Name two important political topics which Donald Trump stands for and name two things Joe Biden stands for: T:the right of usa´s habitants and better economy for the country B: free college, higher taxes

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