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  • investigation enquiry
  • start, open launch
  • acceptable, defensible justified
  • be very determined to be bent on
  • cut/tear in a violent way slash
  • interruption, disturbance disruption
  • here for an unlimited time, forever indefinitely
  • important, well known prominent
  • guess, reckon estimate
  • value, cost worth
  • land or other valuable things owned by someone property
  • however, but nevertheless
  • fit with, fulfil satisfy
  • force coerce
  • threaten, bully intimidate
  • shrewd, clever canny
  • attracting attention (usually in an unwelcome/unpleasant way) obtrusive
  • become less decline
  • hate, criticize deplore
  • very harmful, having a very bad effect ruinous
  • give credit, acknowledge recognise
  • get, obtain gain
  • if whether
  • possibility, probability likelihood
  • start again resume
  • annoyance, irritating problem inconvenience
  • setting fire to property (crime) arson
  • achieve, do accomplish
  • present, put pose
  • strain, conflict tension
  • challenge, refuse to obey defy
  • power, person/people in charge authority
  • unsuitable, not competent (enough) unfit
  • give in to, go along with pander to
  • voter constituent

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