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  • alternate one after the other (continously)
  • chart a graphical representation of data, graph giving information
  • crucial extremely important, vital. extremely important or necessary:
  • destination end point (of a journey)
  • distraction when one thing stops you concentrating on another thing
  • dotted made up of a series of small dots
  • erratic irregular, uncertain. -moving or behaving in a way that is not regular, certain, or expected:
  • going progress
  • idyllic extremely happy, beautiful or peaceful
  • imagery Figurative/visually descriptive language. -The use of words or pictures in books, films, paintings, etc. to describe ideas or situations:
  • inaccessible hard to reach. -very difficult or impossible to travel to or reach:
  • log thick piece of wood from a tree
  • lucent glowing
  • pare Peel or cut off the outer layer (such as peeling fruit with a knife), reduce or trim as if cutting off the outer parts
  • plot mark something on a map
  • portray describe, represent
  • prominent important, noticeable
  • range from ... to include (a number of different things)
  • reliable accurate, able to be trusted
  • similarity Way in which thing are the same. -The fact that people or things look or are the same:
  • spindly long and thin. -Long or tall and thin, and looking weak:
  • swamp bog, marsh. -(an area of) very wet, soft land:
  • tangle confused mess
  • tie in with Relate to, fit with. -To plan an event or activity so that it combines with or happens at the same time as another, or to be planned in this way:
  • vacant Empty; unoccupied
  • weld Here: join smoothly. -To join two pieces of metal together permanently by melting the parts that touch:
  • wilderness a wild and uninhabited area

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