VP3 Unit 2 An Inevitable meeting

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  • at right angles at an angle of 90 degrees
  • bulge swell
  • caked thickly covered
  • the converse the opposite
  • court disaster risk something unpleasant
  • credulous naive
  • duress threat
  • embankment wall of earth or stone
  • fallow bare
  • fawn very young deer
  • foray expedition
  • gawky nervously awkward
  • grain seed
  • hold true remain true
  • jaunt short trip
  • omnipresent ever-present
  • outskirts suburbs
  • rend tear
  • revel in enjoy very much
  • scramble move hurriedly
  • sheen soft shine
  • skeletal very thin
  • slash cut radically
  • snuffle sniff or breathe noisily
  • stitch cramp in the side of your body
  • tattered torn
  • taut tense
  • teem with be full off
  • token evidence
  • translucent semi-transparent
  • unkept dirty and untidy

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