VP3 Unit 2 Who made your T-shirt?

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  • apparel clothes
  • assembly joining together
  • backlash strong reaction to a change
  • carnage massacre, destruction
  • certitude certainty, confidence
  • clatter continuous loud noise
  • conjure up bring to minde
  • disdain sneer at, look down on
  • embedded fixed, a set part
  • flurry sudden light fall of somthing (e.g. snow)
  • incentive thing to motivate / encourage someone
  • incidence number of times somthing happens
  • interlocking firmly joined together
  • mainstream normal, accepted by most people
  • musty stale, not fresh (smell)
  • obsessive thinking / doing somthing too much
  • prospect possibility
  • quintuple become five times bigger
  • quota a fixwd (requierd) amount
  • recess break
  • revival reopening, restart
  • ruthless cruel, without regard foe others
  • sensory connected to our senses
  • shoddy badly made
  • smother restrict, choke, suffocate
  • squarely directly
  • stall delay

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