VP3 Unit 3 Born in fire

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  • apprentice trainee, someone learning a trade
  • befit to be suitable or right for someone or something:
  • bristle with To have a large amount of something, or to be full of something: Compound # An area surrounded by fences or walls that contains a group of buildings.
  • cunning clever in achieving things:
  • dejection Unhappy, disappointed, or without hope
  • dexterity the ability to perform, or think quickly and effectively
  • edifying improving your mind:
  • effusive expressing welcome, approval, or pleasure in a way that shows very strong feeling
  • flickery to shine with a light that is sometimes bright and sometimes weak
  • gabble say something quickly and unclearly
  • gainfully in a way that provides money or something else that is useful
  • goblet A container from which a drink, especially wine, is drunk
  • incense substance that is aromatic when burned
  • indulgent allowing someone to have or do what the want
  • interject interrupt, cut in
  • intricate difficult, complex.
  • makings The necassary characteristics that make somthing able to be or become something
  • offspring The young of an anmial, a person's children:
  • perseverance Continued effort and determination
  • prompt encourage, urge
  • rejection refusing to accept something, not giving someone the love and attention they want and expect.
  • relent soften, yield
  • riot a noisy and violent public gathering
  • ruminatively thinking deeply:
  • sputter make small popping/explosive sounds:
  • squint partly close your eyes in order to see more clearly
  • wondrous extremely and surprisingly good
  • yearning A strong feeling of wishing for something

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