What have you done since high school?

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  • chip away at gradually make something weaker
  • indigestion stomach pain after eating food that is hard to digest
  • inferiority state of not being as good as others
  • complex anxiety, hang-up
  • aggravated severe, serious
  • aptitude natural skill/ability
  • outstanding exceptionally good
  • principal main
  • dread be afraid of something that might/will happen
  • excel do something extremely well
  • get under way start, begin
  • starry dreamy, optimistic
  • eclipse overpower, overshadow
  • peal sound (of loud laughter or ringing bells)
  • partial preferring one thing to another
  • scenery (natural) environment, surrounding
  • execute perform, carry out
  • abashed embarrassed
  • novelty newness, excitement caused by something new
  • tumultuous noisy and excited
  • gingerly carefully, cautiously
  • decorous polite and controlled
  • perturbation worry, uneasiness
  • make a clean breast of it tell the truth about something
  • have no call have no right/reason
  • enrapt caught up, enthralled
  • oblivious unaware, not noticing
  • abate become less strong
  • desolation great sadness and emptiness
  • acquainted knowning, being familiar (with another person)

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