Histology - an exercise made by yildiz on Spellic.com.
1. Fold the right part of the paper back so that you can't se the answers.
2. Write the correct answer in the space below each question.
3. When done, fold the paper back and compare your answers.
trachea - hyaline cartilage
spinal cord - ependymal cells
intervertebral disc - fibrous cartilage
axial organs 2
spinal cord - multipolar neurons
axial organs 1
bone marrow (smear)
embryo head - intramembranous ossification
bone tissue - osteon
meissners corpuscle, pacini corpuscle
macrophages in lymph node
embryo head - intramembranous ossification
large intestine
primordial ovarian follicles
spermatogenesis - testis
primordal ovarian follicles
myocardium - striated cardiac muscle (long)
secondary ovarian follicle
spermatogenesis - testes
embryo finger - endochondral ossification
trachea - pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium
midbrain - multipolar neurons with melanin granules
macrophages in ct - phagocytosed trypan blue
germinal layers - bilaminar/trilaminar disc
skin of the palm - stratified squamous keratinized epithelium
intervertebral disc - fibrous cartilage
umbilical cord - mucous ct
lymph node - reticular ct
blood smear
spinal ganglion - pseudo-unipolar neurons with golgi complex
large intestine - smooth muscle (long/trans)
bone marrow (section)
liver - hepatocytes - glycogen granules
embryo finger - endochondral ossification
umbilical cord
myalinated nerve fiber
large intestine - unicellular gland
bone tissue - osteons
tertiary ovarian follicle
tendon - dense regular ct
large intestine - mucosa, submucosa, muscularis externa, serosa
skin of the palm - nerve endings (meissners corpuscle)
skin of the head - sebaceous gland (holocrine gland)
placenta - fetal part
skin of the palm - nerve endings (pacini corpuscle)
tongue - striated skeletal muscle
spinal cord - multipolar neuron with neurofibrils
eye - choroid - pigmental ct
spermatozoa - epididymis duct
adipose tissue
simple squamous epithelium (mesothelium) - squamous cell
tongue - adipose cells
thick skin - epidermis, dermis, hypodermis
blood smear - spherical cells
myocardium - striated cardiac muscle (long)
primary multilaminar ovarian follicle
ligament - elastic ct
loose ct
oogenesis (folliculogenesis) - ovary of an animal (rabbit)
vagina - stratified squamous nonkeratinized epithelium
spinal cord - multipolar neurons with chromatophilic sub
auricle of ear - elastic cartilage
loose ct
liver - hepatocytes - lipid droplets
tongue - striated skeletal muscle
axial organs 2
myocardium - striated cardiac muscle (trans)
trachea - hyaline cartilage